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Prevent LEO Suicide
Promote Officer Wellness

Weekly Individual Check-Ins
Fully Confidential
24/7/365 Monitoring for Safety Concerns
Instant Referrals to Support Resources
Real-Time Wellness Dashboard


Craig Meidl, Chief of Police

Spokane PD, WA (over 400 officers)

Early Alert checks in with our officers once a week using text messaging, regarding different aspects of their wellness, and offers instant referrals to support resources as needed. We have found Early Alert very helpful in supporting employee wellness and identifying employees who require additional support. As a vendor, I have found Circles of Support, Inc. to be responsive, helpful, and collaborative. I recommend them as a vendor without reservation.


Individual Support + Systemic Improvement

= Greater Wellness

Individual Support

Problem: One of your officers is on the verge of a crisis, and you don't know about it

Solution: Weekly individual check-ins and instant referrals to support resources

  • Weekly individual check-ins
  • 100% confidential
  • Responses monitored 24/7/365 for safety concerns
  • Instant support and crisis intervention
  • Based on the SAMHSA Eight Dimensions of Wellness Framework
  • Try our 5-second check-in: Text DEMO to 650-670-4440

Systemic Improvement

Problem: Creating a data-based wellness policy and support resources your officers will use (EAP, ahem)

Solution: Real-Time Wellness Dashboard

  • Real-time wellness dashboard, based on weekly individual responses to check-ins
  • Recognize emerging concerns among your officers
  • Identify units that are becoming increasingly distressed
  • Evaluate effectiveness of wellness interventions using upstream markers
  • See a demo wellness dashboard

Based on the SAMHSA Eight Dimensions of Wellness Framework

















Dashboard Showing Number of Distressed Officers by Administrative Unit

Prevent Officer Suicide
Promote Officer Wellness

Our real-time wellness dashboard orients you to the groups where wellness challenges are rising, helps you identify their causes, and address them to reduce officer distress and prevent suicide.

Use clear, straightfoward, numerical data to guide wellness policies, to evaluate your interventions, and to advocate for your officers.

Upstream Prevention
Done Right

LEO's are tough. They are trained to be the heroes and therefore wait too long before reaching out for support. Early Alert is a Proactive Wellness Tool, checking in with each of your officers, alerting them to decreases in their wellness, and suggesting support resources (including self-help resources) to address challenges long before they become a crisis.

Don't wait for your officers to reach out for support. They won't, until it's too late. Early Alert provides individual, CONFIDENTIAL check-ins to nip trouble in the bud.

Student utilizing wellness support resources
EAP Provider

A Culture of Caring

Early Alert does more than just suggest the right support resources at the right time. Early Alert sends a clear message to everyone in your agency: We Care.

Weekly check-ins mean weekly acknowledgements of officers' humanity, the ups and downs of life, and the fact that everyone needs support sometime. Early Alert normalizes the process of taking a moment to reflect about wellness, and acts as a weekly reminder of the importance that the entire agency places on attending to individual wellness.

Safety Monitoring 24/7/365

Responses that indicate a potential safety concern are immediately reviewed by trained crisis counselors. When needed, we will activate your crisis intervention protocol to ensure officer safety.

Other than in situations involving a safety concern, Early Alert is 100% confidential. Nobody will ever see identifiable responses, so your officers be comfortable and safe answering honestly and learning about support resources that are available to them.

Featured By Leading Professional Associations

Our work on preventing crisis and suicide and on supportive individual wellness has been featured by leading professional associations, including:


Hi, I'm Dr. Eran Magen, Founder & CEO

After earning my Ph.D. in psychology from Stanford University, I completed post-doctoral training in population health as a Robert Wood Johnson Health & Society Scholar. After serving as the research director for the University of Pennsylvania's Department of Counseling and Psychological Services, I founded Early Alert to help reduce suicide and support the wellness of students, clinicians, and employees everywhere (LinkedIn).

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