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Spend Less On Physician Locums and Travel Nurses. Guaranteed.

Weekly Check-Ins. Instant Referrals. Real-Time Burnout Dashboard.

Early Alert: Hospital Real-Time Burnout Dashboard

Individual Support + Systemic Improvement

= Better Retention

Individual Support

Problem: Employees Aren't Utilizing Support Resources (Like Your EAP)

Solution: Proactive Weekly Check-Ins + Instant Referrals

Systemic Improvement

Problem: Staff Turnover

Solution: Real-Time Burnout Dashboard to Guide Systemic Interventions

  • Real-time burnout dashboard, based on weekly individual responses to check-ins
  • Identify departments that need your immediate attention to prevent turnover
  • Understand which specific concerns are stressing your staff
  • Evaluate effectiveness of wellness interventions using upstream markers
  • See a demo burnout dashboard

Based on the SAMHSA Eight Dimensions of Wellness Framework


















Spend Less on Locum Tenans and Travel Nurses.

Our real-time burnout dashboard orients you to where flight risk is highest, helps you identify its causes and address them to reduce turnover and the need for locums and travel nurses.

Use clear, straightfoward, numerical data to guide your management and wellness policies, to evaluate your interventions, and to identify areas of concerns. We guarantee that Early Alert will reduce your costs of temporary staff. Want to hear more about our guarantee? Schedule a demo and we'll tell you all about it.

Upstream Prevention
Done Right

People wait too long before reaching out for support. Early Alert is a Proactive Resource Navigator, checking in with each of your employees, alerting them to decreases in their wellness, and suggesting support resources (including self-help resources) to address challenges long before they become a crisis.

Don't wait for your employees to reach out for support. They won't, until it's too late. Early Alert provides individual, confidential check-ins to nip trouble in the bud.

Medical student responding to a wellness check
EAP Provider

A Culture of Caring

Early Alert does more than just suggest the right support resources at the right time. Early Alert sends a clear message to everyone in your organization: We Care.

Weekly check-ins mean weekly acknowledgements of people's humanity, the ups and downs of life, and the fact that everyone needs support sometime. Early Alert normalizes the process of taking a moment to reflect about wellness, and acts as a weekly reminder of the importance that the entire organization places on attending to individual wellness.

Higher Utilization of Support Resources

When employees are facing a wellness challenge, the last thing they want to do is navigate a website listing possible support resources. The result? They wait. The problem gets worse. And worse. And worse.

Early Alert cuts through the noise by providing an instant referral, tailored to the employee's needs, exactly when the employee needs it. The result? Higher utilization of support resources, and early resolution of wellness challenges.

Early Alert's dashboard shows you common barriers to access - why employees aren't using resources you provide. Whether the issue is cost, perceived benefit, scheduling difficulties or concerns about confidentiality, Early Alert's dashboard helps you identify and systematically address the issues that are preventing your employees from using the support resources you offer.

Student utilizing wellness support resources

Featured By Leading Professional Associations

Our work on preventing crisis and suicide and on supportive individual wellness has been featured by leading professional associations, including:


Hi, I'm Dr. Eran Magen, Founder & CEO

After earning my Ph.D. in psychology from Stanford University, I completed post-doctoral training in population health as a Robert Wood Johnson Health & Society Scholar. After serving as the research director for the University of Pennsylvania's Department of Counseling and Psychological Services, I founded Early Alert to help reduce suicide and support the wellness of students, clinicians, and employees everywhere (LinkedIn).

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