Early Alert Privacy Notice

(Version 4.1.6)

Early Alert is a text messaging service that allows individuals to opt-in to receive weekly wellness check-ins through text messaging, referrals to support resources, and live crisis support as needed.

Information Collection
Early Alert collects information directly from subscribers and does not use third-party services for this purpose. To subscribe to Early Alert, subscribers must provide their mobile phone number. Optionally, subscribers may also provide demographic information such as age, gender, and location.

Use of Subscriber Information and Data Sharing
Phone numbers will be used for communication with subscribers. Demographic data, if provided, will be used to customize communications and refer subscribers to the most relevant support resources.

De-identified data may be aggregated (combined with people from other people) to populate a wellness dashboard that shows population-level wellness data.

De-identified data (data that has been stripped of personal identifiers) may be aggregated (combined with people from other people) and shared with qualified academic researchers for research and evaluation purposes.

Personally identifiable subscriber data will only be shared when necessary to address serious wellness or safety concerns. In such cases, the minimum information required will be shared with emergency services or others who can help ensure safety.

Data Retention
Personally identifiable subscriber data will be retained until a subscriber requests deletion of their account. de-identified data (data that has been stripped of personal identifiers) data may be retained indefinitely for analytics purposes.

Data Security
Subscriber data will be stored on our secure U.S.-based server, with restricted access requiring individual logins and multi-factor authentication. Personally identifying data will only be shared when absolutely necessary for wellness/safety purposes.

Subscriber Data Rights
Subscribers have the right to access, modify, or request deletion of their data from Early Alert at any time, by contacting our team either through the text messaging service or through email.

Changes to the Privacy Policy
Changes to the privacy policy will be posted on the website, and subscribers will receive a text message notification with a link to the updated policy.

Questions and Comments
For any questions or comments, please contact us at info@EarlyAlert.me.